Food for the Cities

Since 2007 the world's population is predominantly urban. FAO has been following with attention the acceleration of urbanisation over the last 20 years and its implications for the Organisation. FAO's Strategic Framework 2000-2015 and corresponding Medium Term Plans therefore identified Food for the Cities as a Priority Area for Inter-disciplinary Action. The task of feeding the world's cities adequately constitutes an increasingly pressing challenge, requiring the co-ordinated interaction of food producers, transporters, market operators and a myriad of retail sellers. It also requires constant improvements in the quality of transport and distribution systems. Not least, it involves a shared understanding among city officials and national and international development agencies of the common problems and the potential solutions faced when seeking to feed cities on a sustainable basis.

Eric Duchemin

Directeur scientifique et formation du Laboratoire sur l'agriculture urbaine (AULAB)

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